Brighten Your Winter Garden with Colorful Annuals

It seems like fall has already just begun, but that’s exactly why it’s the perfect time to start planning your winter garden! One of the many benefits of living in Central Florida is that we can enjoy beautiful foliage and landscaping all year long. Of course, we do still experience a touch of the seasons, and this can be seen in some seasonal plants. So, how can you ensure your garden stays bright and cheery, even in the winter? Keep reading to find out!


Lift Your Spirits Along with Your Landscaping

In our previous blog post, “Winter Landscaping Tips for Florida,” we discussed some overall advice for protecting your plants from the cold, some of the best winter plants for Florida and tips for your overall landscape design. Today, we’re taking a deeper dive into how to brighten your winter garden with colorful annuals. Annuals are plants and flowers that grow and live for about one full year before needing to be re-planted.


Before getting to work and planting your soon-to-be vibrant garden of flowers, it’s important to make sure your lawn and garden are fully prepared for the impending winter temperatures, even in Florida. Failing to prepare your plants for cold weather can lead to a dry and bleak landscape design. Therefore, be sure to prune any overgrown trees or plants, apply a coarse mulch to keep plant roots warm and keep weeds away, and get materials ready for covering cold-sensitive plants during a cold snap. Our blog post linked above covers these lawn and garden care steps in more detail.


Winter plants and flowers can bring the warmth to your heart that may be lacking in the temperature. These annuals can keep you bright, cheery and hopeful through the winter and into the spring!


Top Picks for Winter Annuals in Central Florida

Adding winter color to your Central Florida yard is easy when you choose the right annuals and know how to take care of them. Here are some of our top annual flower picks that you can start planting in October and November, from the UF IFAS Extension:


  • Alyssum
  • Baby’s breath
  • Calendula
  • Calibrachoa
  • Carnation
  • Delphinium
  • Dianthus
  • Dusty Miller
  • Geranium
  • Kalanchoe
  • Lavender
  • Ornamental Cabbage
  • Pansy (plant in December)
  • Petunia
  • Snapdragon
  • Strawflower
  • Viola


Winter garden care tips include watering your flowers appropriately for their needs (supplementing irrigation with hand-watering as needed), using a slow-release fertilizer or water soluble fertilizers, weeding diligently and pruning through pinching or deadheading.


Think Outside the Poinsettia

Who doesn’t love striking red poinsettias? Not only do they evoke a feeling of festivity, but they are also sure to cheer up any winter landscaping. However, there are far more flowers to consider for bringing variety and abundance of color to your garden. In addition to the annuals listed above, here are even more winter flowers and plants that are sure to bring you joy in Florida winters


  • Bacopa — While more costly than other flowers, these purple, white and sometimes pink dime-sized blossoms will look beautiful hanging in a basket in your garden, outside windows or near entryways.

  • Leatherleaf mahonia — Best admired from a distance due to its prickly nature, the leatherleaf mahonia bush produces bright bell flowers along with small bird-attracting fruits. A great choice for avian enthusiasts!

  • Winter jasmine — Winter jasmine is a perfect pick for new winter gardeners who don’t want a high-maintenance plant. They smell lovely and lift your spirits with their vibrant yellow blossoms.

  • Fashion azalea — While regular azaleas bloom from the spring through the summer, fashion azaleas are an evergreen shrub that grow pink and red flowers in the winter. Give special attention to fashion azaleas by keeping them in partial shade, planting them organically in well-draining rich soil and layering on thick mulch over their roots.

  • Firespike — Looking for some red that will “wow” your garden visitors? The firespike should be your top choice! Firespike can grow year-round, but should be covered in the case of a cold snap. Similar to their namesake, firespike prefers as much sunlight as possible.

  • Ornamental cabbages and kales — We know, these aren’t flowers, but they can bring some lovely decoration all the same. Ornamental cabbages and kales can be as colorful as flowers with their striking greens, pinks, purples and whites.


Central Florida Landscape Design

If you want to make sure your garden looks as lively in the winter as it does in the spring, then you’ll likely want the assistance of landscape design professionals. Daniel’s Lawn Service & Pressure Washing serves homeowners and businesses throughout greater Orlando and all of Central Florida with our top-notch and sought-after lawn care and landscaping services. We’re locals, just like you — and we know what your lawn and garden need to thrive in all of Florida’s seasons. Because, despite what the rest of the country might think, Florida really does have them!

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