Why Do You Need a Lawn Service Company for Your Home?

Sure, you are likely capable of taking care of your lawn’s most basic needs like mowing and watering. But do you wish you had more time to spend doing what you really want to do instead of taking care of your lawn? Or, are you confident that you are giving your lawn the proper care it needs depending on the season, soil quality and type of grass you have? Almost anyone can operate a lawn mower, but only a lawn care specialist can make sure your Florida lawn gets the attention it deserves to flourish. Why else should you consider a lawn service company for your home? Let’s find out!

Saving Time and Money

One of the top reasons to hire a lawn care company is to free up your valuable time. When you’re responsible for taking care of your lawn on your own, the extra time spent studying your lawn, researching its needs, purchasing equipment and doing your own labor quickly adds up. Who wants to spend that many hours of their time when a lawn care expert can take care of all those needs for you? Lawn care specialists already have the right equipment, they know lawns better than anyone and they have the physical capacity to quickly and efficiently take care of your lawn.

It’s common to think that the trade-off to using a lawn service company is higher costs. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Doing DIY lawn care can cost a pretty penny when you’re unsure of the right products or equipment to buy, and let’s not even get started on how costly it can be trying to fix DIY mistakes on your lawn. Lawn care companies also use higher-quality equipment that would be much more expensive for you to purchase. It’s better to hire a lawn service company to skip both the guesswork and the risk of burning a hole in your wallet.

Lawn Care Goes Beyond Cutting Grass

When you go with a professional lawn service, your grass will be cut evenly and properly for your lawn’s type of grass and for the current season — something you may not be able to get right on your own, especially with Florida’s subtropical climate and many types of grass. Beyond a proper cut, though, you can receive so many more professional-quality services that will help keep your lawn the best on the block.

The right lawn care company will also likely provide:

  • Lawn pest control or plant disease treatments
  • Leaf hauling and clean-up
  • Fertilization
  • Mulching
  • Reseeding or planting new grass
  • Weed killing or weed pulling
  • Repair and maintenance for irrigation and sprinkler systems


Things to Look for When Considering a Lawn Care Company

If you’re ready to put away your lawn mower and let the professionals take care of the job, your next step is to decide which lawn care company best meets your needs. Be sure to check for each of the following things to look for when considering a lawn care company:

  • Company reputation — This can be determined by how many years they have been in business, their online customer reviews on places like Yelp or Google, any awards they have received or if they hold memberships to professional organizations.
  • Safety and liability — Check with prospective lawn care companies to make sure they do background checks on employees, are licensed and insured, carry workers compensation insurance, and if the products used on your lawn are EPA-approved.
  • Training — Not all lawn care companies provide employee training, but the most reputable and high-quality companies do.
  • Clear Pricing — Compare lawn care companies in your area to determine which rates are fair. Additionally, closely look over pricing plans, as many companies may advertise cheap deals up front while hiking up the price afterwards. A good lawn service company will be glad to provide clear, honest pricing plans.


The Best Florida Residential Lawn Care

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