Palm Tree Care and Feeding
The towering sabal palm is Florida’s state tree, but did you know that palm trees aren’t actually trees at all?
DLS Blog Post June 2021
What’s the last skill that you set out to learn for yourself? If it’s landscaping, then you have come to
What is the Best Grass Variety for Your Central Florida Yard?
When it comes to choosing the best grass for your Central Florida yard, there are many factors to consider. Each
The Best Shrubs For Your Central Florida Yard
The best shrubs to plant in your Central Florida yard are those that grow well in a Florida landscape. As
Bright, Beautiful Warm-Season Annuals for Your Central Florida Garden
Spring is in the air here in Central Florida, and you may already be asking yourself what kind of flowers
Landscaping with Florida Native Plants
The best way to guarantee your landscaping looks beautiful in all seasons is to focus on native plants that thrive
How to Winterize Your Central Florida Lawn
While much of the country has a different understanding of the coldest season of the year, winter is here in
Enhance Your Backyard with a Fire Pit
Cooler temperatures are here to stay for a while in Central Florida! Why not make the most of the little
Battling Invasive Plants
Invasive plants can be a gardener’s and landscaper’s worst nightmare. These plants can quickly destroy and overrun a perfectly planned
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