If you are one of the many recent transplants to The Sunshine State, we hope you grow and thrive here!
How to Attract Bees to Your Central Florida Yard
Planting “butterfly gardens” with flowers that attract these fanciful emissaries of spring is popular in Central Florida – as well
How to Water Your Central Florida Lawn
Everyone wants a healthy lawn of full, green turfgrass, but achieving it can be challenging in Central Florida’s climate. New
Seven Common Central Florida Landscaping Problems
Having a landscape that expresses Central Florida’s semi-tropical climate and lifestyle is a dream of many homeowners. But whether you’re
First Hurricane Season in Florida? Here's What You Need to Know!
The Sunshine State has welcomed many newcomers recently! If you are among them, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Atlantic hurricane season,
Great Groundcovers for Central Florida Yards
A lush, green lawn is every Central Florida homeowner’s dream. But for those with a landscaper’s eye, an unbroken expanse
Common Weeds in Central Florida Lawns
The definition of a weed is quite simple. It is basically an unwanted wild plant that grows in your lawn
Great Perennials for Your Central Florida Landscape
Hardy, beautiful, long-living perennials are the gifts that keep on giving to Central Florida landscapes! Many perennial plants are very
Five Ways Landscaping Can Improve Your Home's Value
So you’re putting your house up for sale! Of course, you want to be sure that it sells for top
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