April Showers Bring May YARD WORK!

April Rains Lawn Care

April Showers Bring May YARD WORK!

They say that it doesn’t snow in Florida, it “pollens”. When you step outside on another beautiful spring day only to find your black car is now a yellow one, then you would probably agree. Even though spring brings stormy weather, Floridians are quite used to the afternoon showers all year round. However, in the spring season nature sprouts anew and life is reborn. Your lawn is no exception!

The best way to keep your lawn healthy and manageable is with the assistance of professional lawn care services. In the rainy season, routine lawn maintenance is a necessity that gives your home or commercial location a polished appearance others will admire. Your grass may not be greener but its aesthetic is definitely cleaner!


Pristine & Professional

No business with a physical address should have an unkempt and uninviting outside appearance. You shouldn’t be surprised by how many consumers still judge a book by its cover. Your attention to “Location, location, location” is pointless if you let that location look like the depths of the Amazon!

Along with the best landscaping services taking care of the beauty of nature on your property, keep your building’s walls and parking lot areas clear of damage from aging or those April showers with Daniels’ pressure washing and clean-up services. Fight water with water!


Rain Helps & Hurts

You probably remember terms like photosynthesis from your high school science classroom days, but it takes an experienced and licensed landscaping professional to effectively manage the health of your property grounds.

Too much rain for lawns has a pesky effect on your lawn’s growth and strength. Issues arise such as:

  • Damaged Roots
  • Insects & other Pests
  • Tightly Compressed Soil
  • Overrun Fungi

Hopefully your grounds have healthy, timely natural seepage/drainage processes that take care of relieving excess water.


Reach out to Daniel’s Lawn Service & Pressure Washing Inc. for consultation and the proper monitoring of the state of your grounds after any heavy rains.