The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Property’s Paved Areas

When you think about what makes the outdoor areas of a home attractive, you picture a well-maintained house, manicured front lawn and tasteful landscaping that complements the property. A spotless driveway, carport, walkways and patio slab and/or deck may not immediately spring to mind, but they contribute to creating a great overall first impression, as well. In fact, if it’s your house, clean paved areas go a long way in making the time you, your family and your friends spend outdoors an even better experience. And if you’re planning to put your house on the market, making sure these areas are at their best could possibly help it sell faster – maybe at a higher price!

While most people are familiar with the idea of pressure washing, it basically uses high-pressure water jets to clean surfaces – removing dirt, grime, algae and other residue. It does a much faster, more thorough job of cleaning than using soap and water, being able to dislodge gunk embedded deep in the pores and crevices of concrete and brick.

Pressure washing your property’s paved areas provides several benefits. In Central Florida, spring and mid-fall are the optimum times to perform this task, as temperatures are mild and hurricane season has yet to start, or is past its peak months of August through October.

Improves Curb Appeal and Enjoyment of Your Home’s Outdoor Areas

As mentioned earlier, clean paved areas play an important part in making your home’s exterior appear well-maintained. For example, a driveway with oil stains and accumulated dirt and gunk doesn’t create a positive impression – nor does a walkway to your front door that sports a combination of black grime and green algae. Having clean paved areas shows pride of ownership and elevates the appearance of the neighborhood. A neighborhood where every house is well-maintained is a more desirable place to live, which ultimately results in higher property values.

But pressure washing shouldn’t be only about what the neighbors will think, or what your house can sell for. Your home’s backyard is where you relax and entertain – therefore, your patio, deck, pool deck, outdoor kitchen and pathways need to be clean and welcoming. If your yard is your personal retreat – or as we at Daniel’s Lawn Service & Pressure Washing call it, your slice of Central Florida paradise – it should provide as much of a resort-like experience as possible. When was the last time you visited a grungy-looking resort? If you ever have, it isn’t likely you’ll ever return!

And speaking of resale value, homebuyers could feel they’re being catfished if the front of your property is pristine, but the back area could use a good cleaning. Moreover, homebuyers assume a home that appears to be well-cared for is also in excellent repair and has no unpleasant surprises awaiting the next owner. Pressure washing is a great way to keep your home’s “halo effect” intact!

Improves Health and Safety

Not only does pressure washing keep your property looking good, it also improves health and safety. Central Florida’s humid semi-tropical climate encourages the growth of algae, mold and mildew. Removing these contaminants from hardscapes creates a healthier outdoor environment for people and pets. In addition, surfaces covered by algae, oil and other types of grime tend to be slick (especially after rain), posing a slip-and-fall hazard.

Pressure washing not only improves the safety of your property, it maintains the integrity of your hardscape surfaces. The afore-mentioned harmful growths can gradually eat away at them, resulting in safety hazards and costly repairs down the road. As CLP Property Management points out, exposure to debris, dirt and stains affects the surfaces of paved areas, and can cause permanent damage. Regular cleaning is crucial to maintain the surface’s condition to prevent premature deterioration.

Other benefits of pressure washing your paved areas – especially your driveway – include:

  • Limiting weed growth.
  • Eliminating stains.
  • Saving the time and exertion of manually scrubbing.

Why You Should Leave Pressure Washing to the Pros

Pressure washing is one of those jobs that many people think they can tackle. Every spring, some store or another promotes a portable pressure washer that looks user-friendly enough for someone with no experience in pressure washing to handle. However, entry-level pressure washers for the consumer market typically don’t produce enough pressure to adequately clean. One disgruntled buyer of such a model wrote an online review describing it as an “Overpriced waterhose.”

Pressure washer power is measured in cleaning units, gallons per minute and psi. GPM is the water flow rate measured in gallons per square inch while psi is water pressure measured in pounds per square inch. Cleaning units are calculated by multiplying GPM x psi. Both psi and GPM are equally important. Small, low-psi units seldom have the power to blast away deeply embedded dirt and grime.

However, more powerful units can be too much for a homeowner to safely operate. Even if you’re young – or youngish – strong and healthy, using a pressure washer properly requires as much brain as brawn. Keep in mind that taking the DIY route can be hazardous if you aren’t familiar with how to work a pressure washer. Dangers include using too much pressure or the wrong nozzle – which can damage surfaces, break windows if you aim the nozzle in the wrong direction and even cause injury. Of course, having the proper protective clothing is also essential in preventing injury.

Also, consider the time factor. Preparing the area to be cleaned, setting up the equipment, doing the work, taking the equipment apart, cleaning it and storing it can take the better part of a day, at least. Factor in additional time if you’re renting the equipment.

If doing it yourself seems attractive because you think you’ll save money, performing this task could well be a case of false economy. Leaving any kind of pressure washing project to a professional will be well worth the investment in a job expertly and safely done. And it may not even cost as much as you think! Our blog post – “Turn Up Your Spring Cleaning With Pressure Washing” – provides more information, advice and tips.

A professional pressure washing service provides the following advantages over taking the DIY approach:

  • Pros use specialty surfactants that soak into all the pits and pores of hardscape surfaces to dissolve the most hardened, thickest dirt and grime.
  • Pros can recognize stains on concrete and patio pavers – including motor oil, rust, and paint droplets – and apply specialty detergents, then scrub the area as needed.
  • Pros can recommend and apply soft wash systems for cleaning a concrete pool deck. Soft wash systems start with a surfactant that dissolves thick dirt and sand. A low-pressure rinse removes all that residue without damaging concrete paint or sealant or cracking and chipping pavers and stone tiles.
  • Pros ensure that all dirt and grime are brushed and cleaned away from your home and lawn properly to avoid damage and an unsightly mess.

The Take-Home Message

Pressure washing your property’s paved areas requires knowledge, experience and the right tools to ensure the best result. Our pressure washing team at Daniel’s Lawn Service & Pressure Washing does all the work so you can relax and enjoy your slice of Central Florida paradise in a clean, pristine condition you’ll be proud of! Or increase its competitive edge in the real estate market if you put it up for sale!

By the way, our full-service company also provides landscape design, tree installation, tree trimming, yard maintenance, bush hogging and so much more. Contact us today! We proudly serve all of Central Florida – including Orlando, Sanford, Longwood and Lake Mary! We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and bring your vision to life!