Back to School Yard Upkeep

Let’s just admit it – Floridians love to take their shoes off in the most unusual places. Seeing it is believing it and it happens to the best of us. One unusual place that comes to mind is the quad of a school. The sandals come off and the tiny toes of students across the campus enjoy the feel of nature after being stuck in a classroom all morning.

The greenery of a school yard is no stranger to barefooted adolescents and neither are the fields they perform their extracurricular activities on. There’s nothing wrong with it per se. It’s just odd that teachers have to tell them to put their shoes back on in the classroom!

Presentation Outside the Classroom

Daniel’s Lawn Service & Pressure Washing Inc. prides ourselves on the lush grounds we sculpt. We want you to feel able to kick off your shoes and feel soft and warm grass. From school yards to office building grounds to residential lawns, the best groundskeepers are artists with that lawnmower!

Lawn services are more than cutting grass, especially when tiny humans are involved! Safety should always come first and no Lake Mary and its surrounding areas can be quite hazardous after a particularly nasty storm. Trees, hedges and other large fixtures can cause a great deal of damage if not maintained properly.

Safe Zones

Sure children are proned to run around, get reckless and get hurt roughhousing, but the terrain doesn’t have to make it any easier on them does it? The same goes for clean walls and asphalt. A good pressure washing removes the hazardous mold and other dirt & germs that help spread those colds and other pesky infections.

Call today to have Daniel’s Lawn Service & Pressure Washing inspect and maintain your grounds for the Grade A presentation & safety of your school yard this back to school yards season!