Better Summer Heat Lawn Care


Summer Heat vs Gardening & Lawn Care

It’s awfully hot out there Central Florida. Hopefully you’re keeping up the lawn care after all the hard work and investments you’ve put into it. Heatwaves typically aren’t fun to do some gardening in, but they can be the most important times. Luckily it rains every afternoon here but that doesn’t stop the summer temperatures from jumping off the charts up until those showers.

The best defense against the sweltering heat is a consistent offense (and, of course a good air conditioning service). Routine maintenance and upkeep by Daniel’s Lawn Services & Pressure Washing Inc. ensures the healthy reflection of perfection that you’ve cultivated throughout the year.

Food For Thought

Sure the rain will keep it moist in the evenings, giving us those swamp-like conditions, but keep an eye on areas that may be struggling regardless. Every living thing needs to eat but overeating can kill. Too much water is just as dangerous as too little when it comes to plants. Hence why the hot sunny mornings balance out the ecosystem for landscape design so beautifully. If you see discoloring areas throughout your luscious greens, take note and give us a call!  We also offer an Orlando tree service.

Know Your Inhabitants

Hopefully before you planted those unique yet jaw dropping flowers or shrubbery, you researched their survival conditions. Optimal weather and climate will make or break your grounds if you ignore them. So will summertime critters and creepy crawlers!

Be wary of vegetable gardens seasonal restraints before diving into gardening DIY projects. Did you know mulch isn’t just for scenery; it provides soil moisture and protects against weeds! Neither are the lawn care services vehicles parked in front of your neighbor’s perfectly groomed yard.

Another great strategy to protect your yard care attempts is to allow a little extra length of your grass. Taller grass lets the roots grow stronger and deeper into a healthier structure. A healthier lawn is a happier lawn!