8 Landscaping Ideas for Small Lawns

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Landscaping Tips for Small Yards

A smaller-than-average lawn can be a challenge to design and maintain.

A dream home can feel less than ideal when it sits upon a tiny yard. A smaller yard can feel like a challenge to design and maintain. Exciting landscaping ideas feel few and far between. What can a homeowner do with just a small patch of grass?  With potentially restrictive Home Owners Association regulations, space constraints, city codes and only so much time, it takes a bit of creativity to turn a fractionally-sized yard into a masterpiece. Why should your friends in the suburbs and rural areas have all the fun?

Anyone can have a beautiful, enviable yard with the proper planning and design. In fact, a well-landscaped yard can yield a 150% return on investment when it comes to selling a home. While this may vary on how much money you put in to sprucing up your lawns, even the simple fixes like adding seasonal, region-appropriate flowers or removing weeds can make a world of difference.

If you find yourself at a loss for what to do with the tiny patches of struggling grass in front or behind your home, give these tips a shot and watch your home grow before your eyes.

Install Stacked Planters

Rather than lining up planters on the already limited ground, purchase (or build!) planters that stack up vertically, and place them along an exterior wall.

Plant larger, fuller plants in the planters for a lush, lively appearance. This can add a lot of greenery, without occupying a lot of lawn space.

Plant a Hanging Garden

landscaping ideasKeep plants off of the ground entirely and create a hanging garden. Choose a handful of small to medium size planters, and hang them off of your porch or patio. By hanging your herbs and small plants, you leave more room in your lawn for larger, more elaborate plants.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Play with the colors in your lawn in a way that manipulates the way you see the entire picture. Bright and bold colors catch an onlooker’s attention. Put these plants up front, so guests see them first. Fill out the back of the area with greenery and less-assuming plants.

This landscaping “hack” creates an illusion of depth, thus making the yard appear larger overall.

Take a Cue from Your Neighbors.

Your neighbors very likely faced a similar dilemma at one time, with their yard. Keeping up with the Joneses may not always be the best advice when it comes to your home. In this case, it may be the secret to a larger-looking yard.

Take a look at what sort of plants or trees your neighbors have on their side of the fence. Do your best to match them on your side. Why? From the perspective of someone in your lawn, this creates the illusion that the end of your yard and the beginning of your neighbor’s does not really exist! On the other hand, a stark contrast between designs on both properties can shrink the appearance of both lawns. Get to know the family next door and find out the name of the trees they recently planted. Once you tell them why, they probably will not mind.

Move the Garden Out Front

Why banish the garden to the back of your home where only you can enjoy it?  If your front lawn rivals the back in size, work with it! Choose visually interesting florals that can be safely spaced between your blooming fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Ideally, you want your garden to be situated in a space that it can thrive. Who says this cannot be out front?

Take advantage of Side Yards

landscaping ideasThis often-forgotten section of a yard just begs to be spruced up with ferns and florals. Many homeowners use this prime area to store garbage cans, fertilizer and whatever else seems to fit.

Be cautious of utility meters, however. You don’t need the meter reader stomping through your brand new rose garden just to do their job! Plant your garden in a low traffic location, or alternatively, purchase a few large planters to keep the plants off of the ground.

Remember: Less is More

As much as you may want to be the envy of the block, smaller yards have limits. You cannot cram a full yard’s worth of plants into a fractionally-sized space. In this case, less is more. Choose vibrant and eye-catching plants over large, sprawling ones. An overcrowded yard means additional lawn maintenance. Ultimately, the crowding may appear less-attractive than the bare bones yard you started with.

In a small yard, you want to make sure all plants receive appropriate nutrients and care. Space them appropriately, so that they do not have to compete for resources.

Create Open Spaces

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If your yard leaves something to be desired, shift your focus to creating a welcoming patio. Aim to create wide, comfortable spaces. An open patio space can be used for entertaining just as much as it can be used for entertaining.

Trade your screened-in, boxed off porch for a paved deck or concrete slabs, furnished with simple lawn furniture. Line any edges or gaps with simple, small-to-medium plants in the ground or in planters.

A small yard does not mean you cannot have a beautiful landscape design. Keep these tips in mind and bask in the lush, beautiful atmosphere created by utilizing your new landscaping ideas. If you find yourself still at a loss for your small lawn design, give Daniel’s Lawn Service a call.