Gone Green for Greenery: Make your Yard Maintenance Eco-Friendly

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How to Make an Eco-Friendly Yard

We are constantly challenged by what’s good for us and what’s not.

You know you’re supposed to eat fruit for dessert but Ben and Jerry’s was BOGO at Publix this week.

You’re supposed to turn off your sprinklers for yard maintenance when it’s raining but you don’t want to go outside in the rain…

You know you’re supposed to exercise five days a week but the thought of changing into workout clothes is almost as dreadful as the thought of the workout itself.

You know you’re supposed to use reusable grocery bags but you always forget them in your trunk…all twenty of them.

So how do we find the equilibrium between what we should do and we actually do? The answer is creating a mindful awareness and therefore giving yourself the power of choice.

Ask yourself: Will you feel better now or afterward? If the answer is typically “now”, you may need to reevaluate your decisions.

Asking yourself this is prevalent in every aspect of your life. Including your home and lawn. Yes, healthy living is all- encompassing; your body, your health, and your environmental footprint. Where is somewhere you can actually showoff your environmental footprint? Or your lack thereof an environmental footprint? Your home and yard.

Yes, your actual living environment can be your greatest eco-friendly accomplishment. By putting in the work yourself, you will be satiated for a very long time afterward.

Here are 5 reasons why you should go green for yard maintenance:


1. Not all pests are pests.

Growing up, every time I saw a small spider in the kitchen my mom warned me not to kill it. In fact, she encouraged leaving it there as it would take care of the little bugs infamously known in Florida for their love of pasta and cereals.

Much like that, allow “safe” bugs to inhabit your garden to keep it clear of plant-eating bugs. If you still don’t like that idea, consider adding marigolds to your garden as they are used to ward off harmful bug offenders. These natural bug deterrents will allow you to keep harmful chemical sprays in the garage; untouched by you and the earth.

2. Better your garden by bettering yourself.

You know you need to eat five to ten servings of fruits and vegetables every day for your body to benefit from their nutrients. Did you know that your soil can benefit from your healthy diet too?

How often do you throw away the peels, shedding, stems, and cores of fruits and vegetables you cook with?

Instead of throwing it in the trashcan where it can never serve a useful purpose, make a compost out the produce waste. Composts work because they provide soil with further nutrients and moisture while also attracting bugs that also provide nutrients like worms.

Additionally, did you know fruits and vegetables require less water intake for growing? In fact, vegetables like eggplants and sweet potatoes tend to be drought resistant. Not only are you using less water to keep your vegetables and plants alive and healthy, you’re also stocking your kitchen with fresh produce. Plus, you grew with your dinner with your own hands! Your grandma’s Victory Garden would be proud…

3. Brick patios don’t need watering.

To further your admirable and much needed water conservation efforts, consider constructing a brick patio somewhere in your lawn. Downsizing the actual area of your yard means less area to cover with water. By adding that dream, brick, patio complete with a fire pit may pay for itself with the water you’ll be saving. Not only does it limit your grass space and therefore watering needs, it also won’t require much yard maintenance. No mowing means saving on the gas it takes to run most mowers.

4. Going green typically means less work for you.

By opting for environmentally stable plants, creating a healthy soil base, and limiting your yard space, you decrease your tangible workload for yard maintenance. It’s funny how nature can take care of nature. Aside from the basics of maintaining a two to three inch growth of grass and regular lawn mowing service, the sustainability of your yard and garden are dependent upon what you built it on. When that foundation is meant to be nourished by nature, all you have to do is enjoy.

5. Living green actually makes you happier.

Making an environmentally friendly effort in your life does more than just impacting the environment. Making these changes can actually have an impact on your health and your cognitive well-being. You become more patient with nature and its inhabitants; acknowledging the role of living things. Incorporating more produce into your diet (and into your soil) can rejuvenate any gut and immune imbalances and impurities. (Your plumber will thank you!) Having a space like a brick patio can encourage hosting opportunities to meet new neighbors and create social expansion.

Finally, becoming eco-friendly in your yard forces you to get creative. Find ways to repurpose things you would normal throw away or recycle. Leftover mason jars from spaghetti night? Use them as plant pots. Leftover morning coffee grinds? Add them to your soil. Find a lawn service Orlando fl to suit your eco-friendly endeavors!

Going green is a conscious effort and the responsibility of all us inhabiting this planet. It gives us purpose and reason to maintain a lifestyle we love. Going green for yard maintenance will inevitability make other aspects of your life healthier and greener.
If anything, think of how trendy you will be to the rest of your neighbors! Going green is a popular trend for a reason. While your cravings for Ben and Jerry’s may come and go, your desire to live a healthy, productive lifestyle will not!