Plant Ryegrass to Keep Your Yard Green in Winter Months

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How Ryegrass Keeps Your Florida Grass Green In The Winter

Florida lawns require special care and attention, especially here in Orlando. Florida’s unique climate, dry season droughts, and the seasonal habits of common Florida varieties of grass can leave your lawn looking brown and unpleasant during the winter months. However, ryegrass can help your lawn stay green and beautiful this winter.

What is Ryegrass?

Despite its name, ryegrass is not closely related to any ryegrain plants. Rather, ryegrass is a popular variety of grass that is used heavily in agricultural and athletic fields, as well as for lawn grass. Ryegrass has a fine texture and defined, vibrant green color. It comes in two varieties: perennial and annual. Perennial ryegrass is typically used as a year-round grass, whereas annual ryegrass is usually only intended to grow for one season. Ryegrass is naturally a northern grass and does well in climates with defined, moderate seasons. However, the annual variety of ryegrass is very popular in Florida and other Southern climates as a seasonal overseed.

What is Overseeding?

Orlando Landscape, Ryegrass, Winter grass, Orlando lawn care, Orlando yard of the month, Orlando landscapers, Orlando Land Clearing Overseeding is a process where you plant new seeds directly over an existing landscape. When your existing lawn is browning because your variety of lawn grass is out of season, you can plant seeds from a different strain of grass that is in season. The new grass seeds then grow in over the browning patches on your lawn. The point of overseeding a lawn is to make it greener and more vibrant.

How Ryegrass Can Spruce Up Your Lawn

Ryegrass is in season when other common Florida grasses, such as Bermuda grass, are not. Because of this, ryegrass is the perfect grass to overseed your lawn with for the winter. It is known for growing very quickly, which provides near instant relief for a browning lawn as you will see sprouting in 7-10 days.  It is also a great choice to plant with a slow-growing new lawn because of these fast growing properties.

A Low Maintenance Growing Process  

Ryegrass is a “throw and grow” type of seed, not requiring any additional tilling or shoveling to plant, saving you from disrupting the growing patterns of your lawn. For your ryegrass needs, simply contact a lawn professional to have them seed with a mechanical seeder. In Florida a lawn overseeded with ryegrass may require weekly trimming to keep the lawn properly manicured. Before seeding, your lawn care professional will likely need to mow your lawn down to an inch if you have Bermuda grass, and down to two inches if you have centipede grass. A lawn overseeded with ryegrass will also require some light irrigation with a sprinkler or hose two times daily, for two weeks.

The Experts at Daniel’s Lawn Service of Orlando Can Help!

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