Spring Weed Control Tips For Florida Yards & Landscapes

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Handle Your Grass…

…With Our Spring Lawn Care Tips!

Last month, we covered in our blog the beautiful flowers you would want in your spring landscape. However, not all sorts of  plants are desirable for your garden. Weeds are definitely one of them. Weeds are plants in the wrong place, with more bad qualities than good ones. They are highly competitive and grow quickly, stealing water, light, space and nutrients from your garden plants. They are the result of improper irrigation, fertilization or mowing practices. Let’s discover the most common types of Florida grass weeds, and look at the best weed killer control methods that can help us put an end to these unpleasant yard visitors!

Florida Crabgrass

Crabgrass_Florida Weed Types


Crabgrass is an annual weed with branching and spreading stems. It is the result of over-and under-watering as well as mowing the lawn too short, too often. Crabgrass is one tough opponent. The most effective way for controlling it would be the use of pre-emergent herbicides. However, this product should be applied in early spring, before the crabgrass seed sprouts. By using this method, you would be creating a chemical barrier in the soil, where the seeds will take in and die.

Torpedo Grass

Torpedo Grass_Florida Weed Types

Torpedo grass is mostly found in shores along the Gulf Coast, from Florida to Texas. It usually develops in poorly drained soil. Once established, torpedo grass is extremely difficult to kill. It is the result of improper fertilization and soil sanitation.


Goosegrass_Florida Weed Types

Goosegrass is one of the most resilient lawn weeds, taking advantage of any weak spot in your yard. It is a heat-loving plant, the seeds of which can become established in hard soils. Goosegrass is usually the result of over-watering. To control it, you should rely on proper lawn care along with a pre and post emergent herbicide.


dandelions_Florida Weed Types

Dandelion is a familiar spring weed that spreads numerously in full sunlight. It is extremely hard to eliminate, since the entire plant needs to be removed or it could grow right back. Killing the whole plant will keep new weeds from establishing themselves in your lawn. The best way to prevent dandelions is to maintain a thick lawn and to mow it at a high setting. You can also use a post-emergent herbicide and spot-spray them, as it will not kill grass.


Dollarweed_Florida Weed Types

Dollarweed has round-shaped leaves and stems that root into the soil, causing rapid weed growth. Dollarweed plants grow in moist, poor soil, gardens and unplanted areas. The best way to prevent their growth is to reduce your lawn’s water supply, and to mow it high, allowing your grass to grow thick and develop a deeper root system, outcompeting dollarweed.

How to Control & Kill Weeds

We have looked at the different types of weeds that could attack your Florida yard during spring season. Now it is a matter of finding the right weed control method that can help you maintain a proper lawn and prevent weeds from ruining your garden design. Here are the most effective weed-killing methods.


The best time to hand-pull weeds is when the soil is moist. For this method to be effective, you should make sure you remove the whole plant with its roots.

Proper Lawn Care

Fertilize your lawn frequently every six to eight weeks during growing season. This helps your lawn stay thick, leaving little space for the unwanted weeds. Also, mowing your lawn at a taller height shades the soil, making it harder for the weed seeds to sprout, since their growth relies heavily on sunlight. Another weed killer would be proper irrigation. Watering heavily and infrequently is the key to a thick grass and deeper roots, giving the unpleasant weeds tough competition.


A pre-emergent herbicide kills weeds when applied prior to the sprouting of the weeds in your soil. The chemicals prevent all seeds from germinating, even grass seed.

Post-emergent herbicides work on actively growing weeds. They can be selective, only targeting weeds, or non-selective, killing everything they come in contact with. Although this method is highly costly and not environment-friendly, it could be very effective, if used properly.

Choosing the appropriate herbicide from your local store can be a tough task, but this weed prevention method could be the best way for maintaining a proper lawn.

For more tips on spraying your yard with weed killer, The Lawn Care Nut from Bradenton covers the best weed killers for lawns, and gives a demo on how he likes to mix and apply it.

With spring upon us, the challenge that weeds present in maintaining a perfect lawn and garden may be constant, but, as we’ve learned here, not impossible to win. Our experts at Daniel’s Lawn Service & Pressure Washing can help you keep weeds at bay and ensure a beautiful outdoor environment. We invite you to contact us to learn about the full range of services we offer to make your home the pride of the neighborhood!