Dear Mom, Happy Landscaping

Dear Mom, Happy Landscaping

Landscaping For the Right Reasons & Seasons

It’s that time of year again homeowners! Maybe your mother is gearing up to reap the rewards of the annual battle of the competitive children for the best Mother’s Day gift. Maybe your mother refuses any gifts and seeing you save up to follow your dreams is “gift enough”. No matter what she is hoping for, you still want to spend the day with her honoring her sheer excellence. Cue the Mother’s Day Patio BBQ & Brunch!

Spring is upon us and the holidays, graduations and summer vacation plans are rearing their celebratory heads.

A number of occasions are popping up on your property’s agenda such as:

  • School semesters ending means out of town family is planning to visit
    • Make sure your landscaping efforts are up to par
    • Clear a space for nieces and nephews playing tag (if you can pull them away from their phones & electronic devices!)
  • School semesters ending also mean GRADUATION Season!
    • Guests will be stopping by looking to spend a little relaxing quality time with the soon-to-leave graduate
    • There is nothing like family gathering in your beautifully landscaped backyard for a celebratory reception filled with fun, games and deliciously catered foods!
  • Mother’s Day followed closely by Father’s Day
    • We’ve already discussed hosting a lovely brunch or outdoor dinner party for the parental units, so piece it all together by creating a picturesque scene for moments to cherish forever.
  • It is a prime time for backyard “Sunday Funday” parties!
    • Why go to downtown Orlando when your backyard is landscaping perfection that makes for epic Sunday Selfies?!
    • Nothing wrong with drinking responsibly by doing it in the comfort of your home

No matter your plans for the season, create an ambiance that is both inviting and exciting for your guests. Even if you are simply enjoying an evening alone among the fresh flowers of your own oasis, treat your home to a little of Daniel’s Lawn Service & Power Washing Inc.’s lawn TLC.