What is the Best Way to Remove a Tree Stump ?

a tree stump

What Is the Best Way to Remove a Tree Stump?

Last month, we took a look at the best way to safely remove a tree that is small and does not require a ladder. Today, we follow up with the next step in the tree removal process: removing a tree stump. While it is possible to remove small trees on your own, stump removal is a very different process. Let’s take a look at why you need to remove a tree stump and why it is important to leave it to professionals.

Reasons Why a Tree Stump Needs to Go

There a number of reasons you should remove a tree stump from your lawn, including:

  • Appearance — The most noticeable reason to get rid of a tree stump is its unsightly appearance in your lawn. It can definitely detract from that well-manicured aesthetic you are trying to achieve.
  • Insects — A stump will slowly rot away in your yard, attracting pests such as termites, beetles and ants. These insects can make their way to your home and cause serious wood damage.
  • Hazards — Particularly for families with young children, tree stumps can be a serious hazard for tripping over while playing in the yard. If someone gets injured while on your property from falling over a tree stump, you may also be held liable for their injuries. Additionally, small tree stumps can damage your lawn mower if hit by accident.
  • Tree Sprouts — While the main part of the tree is gone, the stump and roots can still cause new tree sprouts to spring up. New tree shoots can act almost like weeds, as they can require large amounts of chemicals to eradicate and can harm neighboring plants by taking away nutrients.
  • Obstacles — On the extreme end, tree stumps can be hazardous. On the more moderate end, they can simply be annoying obstacles to work around when caring for your lawn.
  • Space — Not only do tree stumps disrupt a beautiful landscape design, they also take away from space that could be used to optimize the fun and function of your yard. Think about the extra play space for children, space for a garden, or even space for seating.

Why Leaving It to the Pros Is Important

Cutting down a tree is one large project in itself. Removing a stump is another big undertaking. Attempting to remove a tree stump by yourself can result in more damage to your lawn, the tools you use and even yourself—all without even managing to remove the stump and tree roots. Tree removal professionals have the proper equipment and experience to successfully, efficiently, and safely remove all tree stumps.

One tool a professional tree stump removal specialist may have is a stump grinder, which will have your stump ground up and gone within just a few hours. Other methods a professional may use include rotting and burning the tree stump. This is done by filling drilled holes in the stump with potassium nitrate, followed by the tree professional burning the stump a few days later, allowing for quick and easy breakdown and removal of the stump.

Regardless of the method you prefer, you should always contact professional tree and stump removal specialists for tree stump removal. The process will ensure a thorough removal without the risk of injury or damage.

To Remove it Quickly and Safely, We Can Help

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