You Smell Like Outside!

4th of July

Landscaping Tips: Get Your Yard Ready for The 4th of July

We all know SOMEONE that is going to show up to your 4th of July barbecue with inappropriate shoe wear. At what point pointy stiletto heels at a backyard BBQ seemed like a good idea is lost on many of us. As Floridians, however, the easy to kick off flip flop is the perfect choice for the idyllic afternoon yard fun. All you need is a visit from Daniel’s Lawn Service & Pressure Washing Inc. to get your grass tamed, soft and ready for the weekend!

If you’re lucky enough to have an overzealous neighbor who puts on an epic fireworks show each year (or maybe that fireworks master is YOU) then you’ll want your lawn ready for relaxation and sweet summer smells.

Family & Friends Time

F & F Time comes with food, amusement and the outdoor fun in the Florida sun. Hopefully you’ve already had your trusted Orlando lawn care specialist make sure your home is ready for summer fun. So maybe all you need is a touch up to ensure no hazardous debris or sharp rocks will bump your bum when diving onto that Slip-N-Slide. Or, make sure your roof cleaning service doesn’t leave anything unwanted on your front lawn.

I Smell? I Hope So!

Let’s get back to those heavenly smells! Burgers on the grill, deviled eggs mix and homemade potato salad chilling, baked sweets cooling in the window, fresh cut grass wafting in the breeze…FRESH CUT GRASS?! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Haven’t you ever had a parent or older family member say ‘You smell like outside!’…what a wonderful way to smell in my opinion!

What about that clean, watery fragrance that only comes after a good pressure washing? That smell never gets old and is a reminder of the care you take as a responsible homeowner every time you walk by the washed space. It looks amazing and smells even better.

Call Daniel’s Today!

So make sure that this Fourth of July celebration is memorable for not just the games, food & fireworks but for the smell of clean, safe & carefree living! There is absolutely nothing wrong with associating the smell of sunshine & nature’s beauty with the patriotic freedom afforded us all. Happy 4th everybody!