Why Should You Hire Someone to Take Care of Your Lawn?

Central Florida temperatures have been just short of 100 lately, with “real feel” temps of over 100 degrees. This leaves the early morning or late evening as the only viable times for mowing your lawn, pulling weeds or doing any other yard work. Unfortunately, those hours simply aren’t convenient for most homeowners, who have jobs and other responsibilities to attend to. Not to mention, the temperatures and humidity still remain high in the morning and evening. If the summer heat wasn’t enough on its own to make you want someone else to take care of your lawn for you, then we have some other reasons that might just convince you!

A lawn is a living space requiring thorough care and attention in order to thrive. Brown grass, weeds and pests can cook up a perfect storm of lawn troubles if left unchecked without the help of professional lawn care and landscaping experts. Let’s take a further look at these common threats to your lawn and how lawn care professionals can help.

When Your Grass is Brown

Summer is Florida’s rainy season, but that doesn’t mean all grass is luscious and green during this time. Brown grass can be caused by not getting enough water during the occasional stretches of sun-intense days without rain. Brown spots in your grass could be indicators of many other factors, however. Deciphering the cause of brown spots is something professional lawn care experts are specially trained to do.

The pH of your soil can be a major factor causing brown spots. A professional lawn care expert can properly test your soil’s pH level to analyze its acidity and which nutrients your soil will need in order to balance itself out for healthy grass. Lawn care experts can also identify other brown spot causes, such as which herbicides may be distressing your grass or if there are any physical obstructions underneath the soil that need to be removed. Finally, lawn watering protocols can be best prescribed by lawn care professionals who know the unique seasonal watering needs for every type of lawn grass used in Central Florida. Not all grass is the same, and not all grass should be watered the same!

A brown lawn can be revived through proper irrigation, fertilization and weeding — all performed by and under the recommendation of professional lawn care experts with years of lawn care and landscaping experience.

When Your Lawn is Cursed by Fairy Rings

Fairy rings may sound cute — but they can be more like a curse for your lawn! Caused by multiple types of fungi, these rings plague Florida lawns in the summer due to high rainfall levels. Fairy rings can be identified in three ways:

  1. By a circle of dead grass surrounded by a ring of dark green grass, sometimes with weeds growing inside the dead grass area.
  2. By a ring of dark green grass, sometimes accompanied by mushrooms growing along the ring.
  3. By a ring of mushrooms, even without a dark green ring or a circle of dead grass.


Fairy rings tend to show up around large amounts of organic material — such as tree stumps, logs or lumber. They can also appear where these might be buried under the grass. Fairy ring sizes can range from as small as a foot to multiple feet, and they will continue growing over the years if left untreated. It’s important to note that fairy rings do not have to be a complete circle to be identified. Some appear only as a quarter- or semi-circle.

Attempting to treat fairy rings without the help of a lawn care professional will only bring prolonged frustration and ongoing expense. When not treated properly, fairy rings can persist for years, even disappearing for a season only to return larger than before. A lawn expert can effectively treat your lawn for those dreaded fairy rings by using the right fungicides in the proper manner and by treating any damaged soil so that grass will grow back healthy and strong. Removing fairy rings isn’t magic — it’s lawn science!

When Your Lawn Starts to Bug You

If brown grass and fungi don’t bother you enough, then insects may be what “bugs” you the most about your lawn. Insect pests can wreak havoc on your grass and landscaping, and getting rid of them is no easy task. To learn about these pests in more detail, the University of Florida offers resources on insect pests in Florida lawns. Common Florida lawn insect pests include the following:

  • Billbugs
  • Fall armyworms, cutworms and grass loopers (lawn pests)
  • Fire ants
  • Grasshoppers
  • Ground pearls
  • Mole crickets
  • Southern chinch bug
  • Spittlebugs
  • Tropical sod webworm
  • White grubs


It is in the best interest for the health of your lawn and safety of your family and pets to have professionals take care of outdoor pest treatment. Professionals will use the right pesticides and proper application techniques.

Taking Care of Central Florida Lawns

You’re a busy homeowner who doesn’t have the time or stress to spare on adequately taking care of your lawn’s needs! Daniel’s Lawn Service & Pressure Washing makes achieving the best lawn on the block an effortless task. Our professional lawn care experts specialize in Central Florida landscaping, so you can rest easy knowing that your lawn is getting the specialized care it needs. Let the pros do the hard work — It’s what we do best!

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