Winter Landscaping Tips for Florida

Winter Landscaping Tips for Florida

Although Florida can still reach a warm 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, there are several ways you can keep your lawn or garden interesting and healthy. Read the following tips to learn how you can improve the appearance of your yard, even in the wintertime.

How to Protect Winter Plants

While Florida may not be graced with snowfall, temperatures can dip as low as 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. For many plants, this is low enough to do serious damage. Make sure that prior to the winter season, you have properly pruned any overgrown trees or plants. This will prevent breakage during potentially windy conditions or heavy rainfall.

You should apply a coarse mulch to keep roots warm, and reduce water needs. It will also prevent weeds from growing, reduce soil erosion, and act as insulation. It should be around 3- to 4-inches deep, but no more. You can rake it on occasion, to be sure the mulch does not accumulate following inclimate weather. If there isn’t an adequate amount of rainfall, continue watering on a regular basis.

If you know that low temperatures are likely, take caution by covering tender plants with old cloths, such as bed sheets or burlap. Never use plastic, as it will cause condensation on plant leaves, which can lead to burnt leaves from direct sunlight. Perform these steps with diligence, as there is less daylight in the winter. Otherwise, you may find yourself rushing to complete them in the dark.

The Best Plants for Winter in Florida

If you are planning on renovating your landscape for the season, or just adding a few plants, look for plants that are cold-tolerant. Some flowers and plants will grow in Florida year-round, while others may only be suitable for a short period of time.

Here is a Florida winter flower and plant guide to help you get started:


• Pansies

• Snapdragons

• Petunias

• Amaryllis


• Cabbage

• Cauliflower

• Carrots

• Potato varieties

Brighten Up Your Landscaping

One easy way to add to your landscape – without overcrowding plants – is with hardscaping. This can consist of a trellis, arbor, walkway or wall. Any similar types of landscape architecture will contrast with the vegetation by addings new textures and colors. Neutral tones in particular contrast nicely with greenery. Structures such as benches or patios will add an extra entertainment element, perfect for bonfires on cool Florida nights.

With so many holidays to celebrate during the winter season, one way to light up a landscape is with decorations. String lights can be added to arbors, walkway handrails or even trees. If lights are not your taste, there are a variety of yard decorations to suit any style. You can also place embellishments in or around summer and spring plant containers. If you do use outdoor lighting, be sure to appropriately warn your lawn service, or mark power cords for visibility.

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